China Glaze Haute Metal

Hello guys! Wow I just got home from work and I have to say that it’s kinda tiring but yet satisfying. I served 3 customers today doing express manicure with one with black french tips. I think I might have took 30 mins doing the french tips because it was so hard! It got pretty messy too, since it was black and I took quite awhile in making her skin clean and black-free, lol! Also, I think I might get gelish from Kim again because my natural nails are really weak and I can’t really polish my nails because work requires me to clean the edges of the customers’ nails if I mess up. Anyway, come visit me at Milly’s at Bugis level 2! 🙂


So this is an impromptu post, I was just playing around with the China Glaze crackle and I love this combo! I layered China Glaze Haute Metal over OPI Dating A Royal! I love how the bright blue pops out from the pale metallic pink 🙂



Thanks for dropping by 🙂 ❤


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