A Confetti Party!!!

I like to call this… a confetti party! Yay!!!! I popped by Forever21 earlier this week and managed to see this multi-coloured glitter at the cashier counter when I was checking out my stuff. The only multi-coloured glitter that I own that is similar to this is actually Deborah Lippmann Happy Birthday. I’ve used that many times and I’m kinda worried that I might use the whole bottle up! So I bought this as a great alternative, hehe! From what I saw, this one seems to be the last one on the counter. Maybe you can check out other Forever21 besides the one at 313! They also seem to have really good high-waisted shorts this Fall which is my utmost favourite, yippee!


I layered over OPI Parlez-vous OPI? and I think I might try it over a white base next πŸ™‚ So this colourful baby is called Multi. LOL, awkward name but I shall stick with this since the name was printed on the price label. This has dark & light blue,Β turquoise, red, silver, gold hexagon glitters with lots of small glitters from the same colour family in a clear base. Very different from Happy Birthday but still gorgeous on its own.

I find that I had to dig out the hexagon glitters so remember to shake before use because the larger glitters tend to sink to the bottom of the bottle!





12 thoughts on “A Confetti Party!!!

  1. Wow, I tried to buy this 2 days ago online but they sold out! T_T It was literally in my cart, but then it disappeared when I tried to check out. Ahhh want it so much. lol. You’re lucky you got the last one! It looks great! πŸ™‚

    • Haha omg it must be great to buy F21 polishes online!! I can’t do that here cuz the shipping charges is ridiculous! Lol I bet there’s still a few bottles lurking in stores hehe! Need to hunt them down hahaha

  2. Oh gosh I bought this polish 2 days ago at F21 Orchard Xchange! Hahahahaha and it was the last one too! You know when you’re waiting at the counter and you see all those polishes… I ended up getting 3~ I was actually looking for a cheaper substitute for L.A Girl’s Overdose, but I found this and it’s waaaaay cooler. Hehehehe =D

  3. Thanks! =D

    Oh man… I don’t see it in any of the F21 stores in town.
    I hope they do stock up new bottles…

    Perhaps, I should check out the one at Vivo City.

    • I doubt the Vivocity outlet has nail polishes though, but you can try!! Haha! πŸ™‚ it’s ok if you can’t get it, I’ll try to look out for alternatives!

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