China Glaze Trendsetter

Today’s my day off!! Finally! It’s been a week since I’m battling in the nail industry! It is honestly tiring :/ I’m on my way to my driving lesson and I think I’m going to take a nap when I reach home later! I need to be energized!!!! Haha 🙂


China Glaze Trendsetter is a mustardy-green with golden shimmer. My friend, Ruth says its DISGUSTING. I think its pretty neat! Haha its the type that its either you love it or hate it! I honestly think it looks like baby poo hehe, love to describe this colour in these words because it seriously pissing off Ruth, LOL!

I apologise for my cuticles looking so dry!!!!! I’ve been handling acetone for hours everyday so… 😦 and my cuticles wasn’t cut properly because I gave my hands to so many people for practice and for myself :/ It isn’t so obvious in real life, its just that the camera picks up the smallest detail 😦 LOOKS REALLY TERRIBLE, OH WELL!




P.S. To the person who has commented on my selling post about the laptop bag, please kindly reply my comment or my email by 1pm today, else blacklisted. Thank you.


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