Another Black Polka Dot Combo

I’m so tired today, probably because I spent the wee hours of the morning reading the third Harry Potter book! And I’m done with it now :):) gonna start on the 4th book soon but it’s gonna be hard carrying it around since it’s so heavy!!!

I’m having my last second driving lesson today and I’m pretty happy that I’m completing the driving course soon! Shall book my practical test and get it over and done with!

So anyway, I broke my nails on my left hand again, all thanks to me picking at them so for a couple of weeks, I’m going to let my right hand show itself for abit 🙂 hope you guys don’t mind my lobster hands! It was fairly difficult to get my right hand to do a decent post 😦


Here’s a mani that I really like and I’m wearing it for 2 days now! It’s Nubar Black Polka Dot layered over OPI Elephantastic Pink!

I love how hot pink and black goes well together! 😉



And a last photo just for laughs:


This cracks me up, my fingers are all over the place!!! I had a good laugh for a minute lol!


2 thoughts on “Another Black Polka Dot Combo

  1. Love the combi! The pink goes well with your skintone 🙂 Ive been meaning to get this particular nail polish but am afraid it’s going to look very off against my tan complexion, haha

    • Haha thanks! Hot pink does make skin tones a touch tanner which I really like cuz I like being able to look tanned!

      Maybe if you get a dark pink instead? 🙂

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