OPI ‘My Kind Of Briwn’

If you’re wondering what kind of name is that and guessed correctly… yep; its a fake OPI. I just love how they spelt ‘brown’. LOL. Anyway, this is one of the polish that my boyfriend got for me from China. It only cost about SGD$2 per bottle!!! One thing that I have to say about China OPI polish is that it almost got me fooled. It looks like the real thing, except the labels at the bottom which had different font names and codes and their polish names sort of gave everything away. The warning labels on the back of the bottle does show abit of discrepancy. A different font was used etc. It was a different grip on the bottles from my real OPI, feels very light and I felt I had no control when I was using it.


OPI ‘My Kind Of Briwn’ isn’t nowhere near brown but a plum colour with golden shimmer. I find it somewhat similar to OPI Shanghai Shimmer, except that the colour and shimmers are different. Oddly enough, I have no close dupes at all, great!

Something about the formula make me really go ‘WOWWWW’. The formula is excellent, very smooth and thick but manageable. I wasn’t expecting that from a China fake OPI. Also the brush is also a little bit bigger and wider than the usual OPI pro-wide brush.

Anyway, there’s some sort of smell from the polish. I can even smell it when it’s dry. And it smelled so similar to paint! I highly believe the smell is more toxic than the normal polish smells, lol.




10 thoughts on “OPI ‘My Kind Of Briwn’

  1. The smell is probably because it’s not 3-free? Which might explain why the formula is superb too!

    But it’s a really gorgeous colour, your boyfriend sure knows how to pick pretty polish colours! =)

  2. Shona, I have some serious concerns about this polish; to begin with, the smell is the first clue that not only is it probably made with very harmful and non-controlled ingredients, but that it could possibly be dangerous to your health as well. Secondly, I am a HUGE advocate of eliminating the counterfeit craze, as it encourages so many negative things: inhumane working conditions for employees, ridiculously second rate goods, and exploitation of minors…not to mention that the counterfeit industry is what is primarily responsible for the increasing price hikes of the real deal. While I can appreciate your boyfriend wanting to do something nice for you, and I can fully understand that OPI prices may be higher where you are, I can’t help but feel that supporting this industry will bring nothing less than negative karma into your life….and I like you too much for for that! Stick with the originals….you deserve nothing less and should never, ever settle for “fake” anything!

    • Hello Eugenia, I’ve never own a fake OPI before so that’s why when my boyfriend got me a few fake OPIs, I was eager to try them to see the differences. Now that I know the differences, I’m much more aware of how harmful fake goods are. Don’t worry, I am not supporting anyone to buy any fake OPI. There wasn’t any real OPI in China so my boyfriend got me a few of these. I’m sorry that upset you but I’m treating these as a souvenir and a gift.

      Obviously I wouldn’t get fake OPI myself because my whole collection of polishes are the real deal. Since these are a gift, I couldn’t dispose them as it might be rude.

      Thank you Eugenia for being so concerned about me 🙂 ❤ *hugs*

      • Hey Shona…don’t worry, I’m not upset and never, ever at you – you’re such a doll! And yeah…I realize that it would have been rude to not accept his gift or show enthusiasm for it (after all, he tried hard to get you something he knew you’d like…point scored for that!). I just don’t want you exposing yourself to something potentially harmful for the sake of nail polish. I have every confidence that a girl as warm and intelligent as yourself would never willingly endorse anything negative! 🙂

      • Thanks Eugenia! 🙂 I’m glad I have such a good friend that is concerned about me!

        Don’t worry, I will NEVER EVER buy fake OPIs juz because it’s cheap. Because the side effects isn’t worth it 🙂

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