OPI Pros & Bronze

The first week of school had passed very quickly and now I have an immense pile of workload. I’m taking 7 modules this semester and I have 5 tutorials to do every week!! On top of that, projects are slowly streaming in for each module. Argh, what a great start to the sem! 😦

Oh and another thing that I’m so excited about is that I’ve finally completed my driving lessons and all requirements! I booked my practical test on 29 November and I’m psyched! I hope I do pass on my first try because its kinda expensive to retake. Booking of the test cost about $180+ which includes vehicle rental and warm-up session.


OPI Pros & Bronze is one of the duo in the Serena Glam Slam set! I’ve already swatched and review the other half OPI Love Is A Racket here. 🙂 OPI Pros & Bronze is a stunning metallic duochrome that changes from yellow gold to pink. It’s been ages since OPI stunned us with a good duochrome and I love this! It kinda looks like a firefly to me, gleaming effortlessly.




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