OPI ‘Lincoln Park At Midnight’

I have another fake OPI to show you today! 🙂


OPI ‘Lincoln Park At Midnight’ is a dark royal purple. Very classic for Fall! Now, there’s an error in the name again! Everyone knows OPI Lincoln Park At Midnight is a dark reddish purple, almost like black.

Again, the application was really good but the smell really turns me off. I didn’t manage to wear this the entire day because I usually put my hands near my face and I think I’m smelling the toxic too much.

Does OPI have an exact shade for this?? My closest polish I have is OPI Lourve Me, Lourve Me Not and it’s slightly brighter.



P.S. I am absolutely not encouraging you to buy fake OPIs from China. This is sort of a comparison from the real and the fakes. I have no idea what this polish will do in the long run so please do not purchase it on your own. This was a gift from my boyfriend when he was at China for 6 weeks and he doesn’t know much about polish like I do. (hence he doesn’t know the smell). Sorry if I gave you the wrong message.

4 thoughts on “OPI ‘Lincoln Park At Midnight’

  1. Hey Shona! While this colour is a really nice shade of purple, I can tell you with 100% surety that it looks NOTHING like the real OPI Lincoln Park at Midnight (which I own)! The real one is so deep that it can look black in darker lighting, and the purple is more plum hued than this! Still, you always manage to make any nail polish look good, thanks to your lovely nails! 🙂

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