Barry M Bright Purple & OPI Divine Swine

It seems like it will take at least 2 more months before my nails on my left looks pretty decent. 😡 I just chipped my pointer finger at the side and now it looks distorted :/

Anyway, my classmates and I took part in a captain ball competition organised by my school and we won!!!!!! We played 5 games with 5 other teams and we won every match! OMG HOW AWESOME ARE WE??? Hahahaha, I wasn’t expecting it though because all we wanted was to have fun! We won $250 worth of vouchers yayyyyy!!!


So my NOTD was something bright and in your face! I layered OPI Divine Swine over Barry M Bright Purple. I’d never ever put glitter on my bare nails unless it was very dense. And I can’t explain how much I love the OPI Muppets collection! I’m only expressing my love for the glitter side because the reds wasn’t that exciting.

OPI Divine Swine has large silver hexagon glitter with small purple glitter in a clear base. I like that the large hexagon glitter was a silver instead of a matching purple! Barry M Bright Purple was such a complement to that glitter! The colours matches so perfectly!



I actually zonked out when I reached home and slept for 4 hours straight! I never knew that playing 5 games of captain ball straight can tire me out so badly! It’s almost 1AM now and I have to get up at 7.30AM later for class. Looks like I won’t get anymore sleep tonight T-T


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