Glitter Bomb Zebra Print Nail Design

Good afternoon, ladies and maybe some gentleman! ^^ Tonight’s my cousin’s wedding dinner and I thought I might do something funky with my nails!

This is the source of my inspiration, Nail Up! from the July issue! Look at the price on that set of nails, 9760 Yen!!!! That’s like close to SGD$158 just for this set. So overpriced! So today I am going to teach you how to do this set for so much less! πŸ™‚


1. So the first step is to choose your glitters to work with! You don’t really have the follow the glitters I used, you can totally make it your own by using what you have. I’ve used Barry M Green Glitter, Barry M Blue Glitter, Barry M Red Glitter, OPI Excuse Moi!, Nubar Petunia Sparkles.

2. Decide on how you want your glitters to be placed, make sure that they’re kinda random and all over the place. Do 2 coats of them. I kinda left a tiny gap between my cuticle area and my nails, just like the inspiration picture.

3. After your glitters are dry, I put a coat of China Glaze Shooting Stars just to blend in the colours together. Add a top coat to make it smooth before the nail art.

4. Draw black stripes using a thin brush or a nail art striper.

5. Add rhinestones and a top coat and TA-DAH you’re done!

This is super shiny in real life!!!




Have a fabulous weekend everyone!

P.S I am extending my 50 subscriber giveway to 7th November, 10PM local time. Last chance to send in your entries!!


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