Gel Mani: Black Polka Dot with Half-Moon Lace Nail Design

Hi everyone! As most of you guys know from my twitter, I’ve invested in Gelish!!!! I currently only own 7 colours and I’m planning to buy more in PNC because I’m missing staple colours like white and black! Let me know if you’re interested so we can buy in bulk to save $$$! PNC retails gelish colours for $20/bottle and it will be $18/bottle on 12 bottles and up!

Anyway, I wanna express my thanks to Ying from Nail Art Express for helping me buy my gelish colours, top coat, base coat and pH bond from PNC and bringing them to her flea for a meetup! ❤ She also advised me and gave me lots of info about gelish and answered all my queries! 😀 We also bought our gelish colours in bulk so in total we saved $12 each!!

Total damage done:
UV Lamp – $50 (from Fred at D.Y.O.N. International)
Gelish Cleanser – $10 (from Fred at D.Y.O.N. International)
Gelish Remover – $10 (from Fred at D.Y.O.N. International)
Gelish Polishes – $18/bottle x 6 + $15 (I bought one of Ying’s colours)

Also… my left hand is back in action!!! 🙂 Do excuse the thick application :/ gelish polishes ‘flow’ rather quickly and I guess the colours flowed to the tips when I placed my hand in the UV lamp. I promise I will do better for my next gelish! I do have some problems doing my gelish mani, because I have lots of cotton pads at home; I use them for removing my polish etc. Lots of the fluffy stuff actually got in contact with my gelish and kinda stuck to it and I had a hard time getting it out. Note to self: NEVER EVER place your cotton pads near your fresh gelish mani!



What I’m using for this mani is Harmony Gelish Up In The Blue, haha this name reminds me of ‘Up!’ so badly!! Black dots and lace are done with acrylic paint.



It’s been about 3 days now since my manicure and it still looks as good as new! I need to refrain myself from switching up the manis too much because gelish is supposed to last 3 weeks!! 😛 And I also realised that I shouldn’t take photos with my gelish bottles outdoors because it might weaken and harden the polish! Opps! :/

P.S. I’ve tallied the scores for my 50 subscriber giveaway and I have a winner!!!!! Results will be released this weekend. Winner has 48 hours to respond 🙂 cheers!

8 thoughts on “Gel Mani: Black Polka Dot with Half-Moon Lace Nail Design

  1. My favourite polka dots again! 🙂

    But I am such a noob… I have no idea how gelish is different from normal nail polish. 😦

    • Hahaha I think this is my first time doing a black polka dot instead of white!

      Gelish is a type of polish that only cures under a UV or LED lamp, it takes about 2 mins for UV and 30 secs for LED. It last for about 2-3 weeks with no chipping, peeling whatsoever! So its good for people who wants their manicure to last for ages! It doesn’t dry the same way as a normal polish 🙂

  2. Hi! This new gelish mani is so cute! The blue is really sweet~ I’ve been wanting to invest in gelish too but it’s quite expensive… Anyway, may I know how much did you get the top coat, foundation gel & ph bond from PNC for? Thanks in advance ^^

    • You can actually use any acrylic paint that you use in art class. For me, I purchased mine from PNC Traders because the acrylic paint I have at home was all dried up!

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