OPI A-Taupe The Space Needle

I just trolled Youtube on my favourite nail art gurus and I have a few nail art designs that I wanna try out!!!!!! 😀 Can’t wait to get my paint out and start doing nail art again 🙂 I removed my gelish manicure of about 6 days and I couldn’t wait to get my nails painted again!

Yesterday was such a close shave! I almost dropped my UV lamp but my pinkie saved it and it broke -.- looks like my left hand will be disappearing for awhile :/


OPI A-Taupe The Space Needle, 2 coats. Hmm, I have no idea how to describe this. It kinda looks like fresh mud though, the one that dries up under my shoes after a rainy day. It’s like a yellow-toned olive. (I’m not even sure whether such colour exists.) I really dislike the name of this one. What does it even mean?? Can someone decipher it for me please? :/

To be honest with you, I’m disappointed at what OPI has in store for us for Fall. So many repeated colours and only a few gems in that collection, namely this one and Uh-Oh Roll Down The Window.

I’ve already worn this colour thrice as a full mani! So that kinda says how much I like this weird colour, lol!




6 thoughts on “OPI A-Taupe The Space Needle

      • the names that OPIs have really cracks me up at times~~~ i think it just means what it means like literally..’uh oh its time to roll down the window to show my awesome nail colour’ kind of thing…rofl

      • Haha i read a person’s thought on this and she claimed that it might be toilet humor! HAHAHA its like someone farted or vomitted in the car and they had to roll down the window to get some fresh air! 😀 SO HILARIOUS!!

  1. My daughter is a cosmetologist. She said they were told ‘Uh Oh Roll Down The Window’ is in reference to being car sick. “Roll down the window, I’m getting sick!” kind of thing. A puke green.

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