Red Leopard Print on Pink Base

This is what I did yesterday for Xue Na! Lol her bag was a rainbow leopard print so this goes to show how much she really love leopards, haha! She requested for a red leopard print on pink šŸ™‚

Her nails are really beautiful, with long nail beds and slender fingers. But unfortunately some of her nails broke, if not it would be a very perfect picture!


I used MAC Ice Cream Cake as chosen by her and I really dislike the formula on this one. Have not used it ever since I swatched it for my blog and it has become more streaky and goopy as ever! šŸ˜¦Ā I apologise for the lighting in these photos, because my camera doesn’t work well in the night!

Xue Na told me that she loved it and I was so over the moon!!!! šŸ˜€ This is mainly the reason why I want to do nails for people šŸ™‚




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