Gel Mani: Rocker studs with Zebra Print

This is my gelish mani for the past week! Except for the nail growth, everything remains intact!

I’m so in love with Gelish right now!!! Because I’m so busy with tutorials and projects, I don’t have the time to paint my nails everyday anymore so I’m glad I invested in Gelish! 😉

I am actually heading down to PNC on Tuesday to get more gelish colours! Definitely getting Sleek White and Black Shadow because they’re staples! I don’t know what other colours to get though, but I want some glitter 😀


I used Gossip Girl for the accent nails with Take Action from the breast cancer awareness set. Who says only October is the breast cancer awareness month to wear pink? 😉

Both polishes have silver shimmer in them and they’re so pretty up close! Take Action is a little bit more special, it has some kind of blue-green iridescent!

I also want to thank Ying for those gold round studs!! She was so nice to pass me a packet of them! She also gave me metallic stars and diamond shaped pearls ^^ I am still searching for square silver and gold flatback studs so let me know if you see them!

My zebra print seems to fade after a few days! I’ve no idea why though. 😦






6 thoughts on “Gel Mani: Rocker studs with Zebra Print

  1. Love it! I think I shall buy the breast cancer awareness set which will probably make my mum very happy.. Why don’t you wait to collate orders? It’ll be cheaper!

    • Haha cus I’m going down with a friend and she’s getting a few bottles as well so I can get it at $18/bottle!

      Another reason is I can’t wait anymore cus I want a white and black lol!

  2. Omg I’m looking for those gold studs too! Can’t find the square ones. Where does ur friend got Tje circle one? So prettttty

    • She got it in Indonesia 🙂 PNC also sells them but they’re quite expensive. The last time I checked, there’s only silver available with other colours; no gold!

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