Gel Mani: Classy Floral

OMG… Today’s my 19th birthday! Hahaha a year older and a year inching up the twenties soon! I have superb friends that gave me cards through my doorstep (lol!); they really hand delivered it and two of my very best friends came over to my place to give me a surprise gift! I thanked them by doing their nails but I’ve only got time to do Sharlene’s.

So here’s pictures!! I explained the benefits of Gelish and I think they’re amazed that the UV lamp actually dries the polish hahaha~


I used June Bride and Make A Difference as the bases; with floral accent nail and Swarovski crystals! Super bling and shiny thanks to the crystals and of cause; June Bride. Such a pretty and classic pink glitter! Definitely have to get more glitters from Gelish because they apply so smoothly, so unlike normal polish!

Finally able to do such nail art for a very long time and I’m happy on how it turns out! I used acrylic paint on the art except Jesse’s Girl Mermaid’s Lagoon as the dots.



And here’s two photos which Sharlene sent to me! ❤



I hope you love your nails 😀 😀


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