Gel Mani: Tweed with Crystal Ribbon

Bought my Nail Up! November issue last week and I really love lots of designs from there! So here’s my take on them!

I know I shouldn’t be changing up my gelish manicure so frequently but this time… I got really excited about trying this and at the same time; I kinda chipped my nail at the sides a little bit because I knocked really hard on something. Lol, I’m so clumsy…


A tutorial was included which was really easy to follow and TA-DAHHHHH…. I love how easy and effortless this is!


I used Harmony Gelish Take Action as my base colour and also it was kinda a close match to the tutorial. OPI I’m Indi-a Mood For Love, L.A. Color nail art striper in gold and acrylic paints for the rest 🙂

Added swarovski crystals ss10 and ss5 to make the ribbon! It kinda looks slanted though :/




Have a nice day everyone ^^

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