Gel Mani: Abstract Accent Floral with Crystals

Did a house call for my boyfriend’s relatives last Friday night (Omg, sorry backtrack time!) and it was kinda fun! Did three people’s hands and feet and my back was aching the entire time because I was sitting on a stool and their coffee table was quite low, lol.

I didn’t take pictures of my bf’s aunts’ nails because they only did one colour; without any designs. One of them also did gelish and she chose Harmony Gelish Make A Difference; a really gorgeous dark pink I would say!

**sorry for the bad quality of photos; these are taken with my iPhone 4! Colours looked super washed out 😦

However, this post is going to be about my bf’s mum’s nails πŸ™‚ She allowed me to do whatever I wanted, as long as there’s floral nail art! I suggested using accent floral nail art with a different colour in the same spectrum. So we ended up using colours from the breast awareness set again! I used Harmony Gelish Take Action and Harmony Gelish Less Talk as bases and added Swarovski crystals of different sizes in ss10 and ss5 on each nail except the floral accent nails.

Her middle finger nail on her right hand broke and she was pretty upset about it because it doesn’t look complete with one short stubby nail!



Hehe next post will be on my last week’s gelish manicure~~ πŸ™‚


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