Gel Mani: Royal Blood

Hello everyone! I named this set of manicure Royal Blood because I’ve always thought purple is associated with the royal family because purple is a rather sophisticated colour! And… purple is also my favourite ^^


I used Artistic Colour Gloss Fly on the rest of my nails and Artistic Colour Gloss Muse on my accent nails. Muse is a rather funny colour. It’s a light pinkish purple in the bottle but after it cures, it changes it’s colour to a pale greenish lilac. Sounds weird but it’s true! It’s kinda like Princess Tiara from Hand & Harmony which I also own! Lol I ought to slap myself cuz I bought two colours that are almost identical, sigh! I added crystals and a large pearl bead which is unfortunately off-center -.-

Also, I realised that my pinky nail grows the fastest after doing gelish on myself so many times. Weird…




Bonus photos… lmao my background is my audit notes!!



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