Gel Mani: Dreamy Rose Tips

Miao Xian came over today to remove her last Gelish manicure and get a new one! ^^ She also brought a friend along; Chen Li for a manicure too! (More details about her nails in the next post!)

She requested for a nail art that she googled and it is from Simply Rins!

This is my take on it…


Miao Xian chose Artistic Gloss Wham for the base and I added on the art with acrylic paint. The base colour is much more darker and more navy; somewhat similar to OPI Dating A Royal except that Wham has a hidden shimmer. My Nikon camera freaked out a little and the colours are so much different!

Well… my skills at drawing roses isn’t the best yet so I will definitely practice harder! I suggested adding white polka dots to fill up the background but Miao Xian loves it like this… simple and yet classy! 🙂



P.S. I bought a new tablecloth from Spotlight last night ^^


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