ONS I-Gel Workshop

Hey guys!! Just want to blog about my day at the ONS I-Gel workshop that was conducted at Teacher Jess’s place on 18th Dec 2011! Firstly, I started off with a really bad morning because trains were not in service and I had to change three buses to get to my destination from Buona Vista. I left home 2 hours before class and yet I was still late!!! You guys have no idea how pissed I was with the public transport. Can you believe waiting for more than 30mins for a bus?!? There was a long queue (4 long lines!) for bus 190 at CCK interchange and none of the staff personnel was kind enough to assure us that the bus was coming! :/

Oh well, so I was late for 45mins for my lesson but yet Teacher Jess was very forgiving and explained to me the steps for gel application and some theory etc! I was actually glad that Jess was teaching in a very small group; there was only the two of us; another classmate Dephanie and we had plenty of fun!

All our lovely goodies in this cute & small bag!

We were given a course kit and this includes 5 I-Gel colour gel polishes, Top2Bottom, Grit File, Cleanser, Lint-free wipes and our certifications. We are also supposed to get a set of gel brushes for the class at an additional fee. Time really passes quickly when we are doing something we really like! I think we did about 10 designs in total, lol!

My work space

Anyway, for those of you who are curious as what an I-Gel polish is, the full name of this is International Gel and it is fully compatible with other soft gel products/brands such as Hand & Nail Harmony and Artistic Colour Gloss! This I-Gel polish is from Odessey Nail System (ONS) The curing time is the same as other brands; 2 mins in UV light or 30 seconds in LED lamp! The packaging is amazing, who doesn’t like pure black bottles? So classy! And their range of colours are beautiful as well, I picked up the colours that I didn’t have in my collection yet so I’m really happy!! And I LOVE LOVE LOVE THEIR TOP2BOTTOM, its a base and top coat all in 1! Very shiny and its very different from my gelish top coat. It just looks and feels different but I have no idea how to explain this; hahaha! Also, another different factor that sets aside this I-Gel from other soft gel products is that you can use I-Gel to do designs directly on the nail! AMAZING!!! Normally, other soft gel polishes flow really easily and its almost impossible to even polka dot on it but using I-Gel polishes; you definitely can achieve this!

Designs that I did with ONS I-Gel! Supposed to have one more green marbling one which I really like but Teacher Jess drew flowers on it lol so I couldn’t claim it as mine even though I did the background hahaha

So that afternoon, we concentrated on doing alot of different styles and designs using I-Gel with the help of our gel brushes. We did a french tip, double french, polka dots, slanted french, glitter french, marbling, ribbon, 3-petal and 5-petal flower art. Although its demonstrated on very simple basic art, it was very challenging!

Teacher Jess even drew embossed 3D roses on our Top2Bottom polish so that we won’t mix up our bottles! I really love this one! I cannot wait to learn how to do this!

On the whole, I am definitely very satisfied with this workshop that I’ve attended! I love upgrading myself and also learning new things! And I also get to know ONS I-Gel which I’m falling in love with slowly too! ;P

More photos of the course kit:


Swatches of the ONS I-Gel from 33 to 37! From left to right: Tip Toe Thru The Tulips, Spring Fever, Lilac Luster, Tahitian Tides and Taiwan Temple! Omfg, the names are so damn cute!!! ^^

I am also looking forward in getting more ONS I-Gel colour gel polishes for you guys to try 😉

More hands-on photos on JNail!


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