Gel Mani: Pink Floral Half-moon’s

Please await the pic spam 😛 Hehe I love this set of nails so much! Floral nails really make me more happy and more feminine lol! I just got home from my boyfriend’s aunt’s place and I do feel slightly giddy because of all the wine I’ve drank. Gotta love their drinking games! Unfortunately, my boyfriend got drunk there cause he kept losing and most of his cousins keep telling him to drink repeatedly; poor boy! 😦


I used Gelish Make A Difference and Gelish Vegas Nights for the base colours! All art is done by acrylic paint! Decided to do something simple for my nails this week 🙂

Bought a couple of nail magazines over the past week and I am so inspired!!!! Completed a nail art wheel using just designs from Nail Max Feb 2012 issue! I just feel kinda sad that school is reopening in 2 days… 😦 I won’t have time to do new nail designs anymore though! How did 3 weeks of holidays past by so quickly?





Hehe hope you enjoy the photos ^^


4 thoughts on “Gel Mani: Pink Floral Half-moon’s

  1. Hey, how much would this whole set of gellish cost? Looks beautiful. Btw, do you have any idea where to get nail polish racks? Thanks.

      • Do you have any idea how much the nail polish rack is priced at? Checked with DYON a few days back and they are already oos. Pretty fast.

      • $35 for DYON, $38 for PNC.
        Nope they’re instock already since 1-2 weeks ago! Just came back from their scape flea and it’s there 🙂

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