Gel Mani: French Tip Roses

Belinder came over to my place for her gelish manicure and she told me in advance that she wanted this nail art on her nails! ^^ I love friendly customers, what’s more she’s in the same school as me so we had lots of things to talk about! I did a tutorial on this design months back on Also Known As…

Oh my phone got a little bit crazy ever since last week so I finally got it replaced last night! Now I can receive all messages promptly, yay!


I used 3 thin coats of Gelish Less Talk for the base and then added OPI I’m Indi-a Mood For Love for the rose colour and topped the design off with acrylic paint of black and green! Looks like this OPI colour is a great fave among customers for their floral fix 😉 I think I shall try using more gelish colours for the art since it won’t get ‘washed’ away due to friction from daily activities!

I love how the roses pop from the base colours, so much contrast that it looks rather retro! And I love her nail bed, very long and broad even though she has very short nails! I love this design ALOT, and I’m glad to be finally able to do a full set on someone else 🙂




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