Gel Mani: Rocker Marbling

Decided to try marbling on myself again! I really like how it looked as a whole but it kinda looks like puke if I just focus on one finger… I shouldn’t add the black in hahaha


Anyway, I used Gelish Up In The Blue as the base colour with Gelish Sleek White and Gelish Black Shadow for the marbling!

I recently got a few crystals and studs from Chinatown and I’m in love!!!! The black metal studs are so expensive… 36 pieces for $5.60! And I also recently purchased a new brand of nail glue which apparently isn’t as strong as my previous because a few studs came off in 24 hours!!! 😦 so by the time you’re reading this post, I’ve already removed it because I really hate it when embellishments fell off leaving an awkward hole -_- sigh I guess I need to stop by PNC again to get the usual glue that I use!

Oh and I used ss16 for that big ass crystal… It’s so huge and so bling!!! ❤ and it's pretty cheap from the store: only $3.60 for 72 pieces!


Hahaha I got my brother to take this photo of both my hands and it’s sooo weird!!! Lmao, I’m not used to seeing my hands in this position!




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