Gel Mani: Subtle Marbling with Crystals and Beads

Elieen came with almost all her nails broken and there was 5 of her nails with fake tips stuck on them. When I asked her how much she paid for this at a salon, she said she paid over a $100. That’s daylight robbery!!! Its not even gel or acrylic extension, just normal polish with gradient effect on fake nails and then glued on her nails.

So before you step into a salon, make sure you do enough research or have seen some of their manicurists work first before committing!


Did a half-moon + marbling because Eileen doesn’t like polka dots, flowers etc so we decided to make it very simple! Half-moons make your nails look much longer, and this really helps in Eileen’s case because she peeled the other fake tips off her nails by herself and her real nails broke off in the process.

I used Gelish Vegas Nights for the base and Gelish Make A Difference and Gelish Sheek White for the half moon and the marbling.

She also requested for crystals and I did a mix of black and white crystals and golden bullion beads 🙂




P.S. Congratulations to Eileen!!! She’s getting married on Saturday and this is the nails she’s going to sport on that day! 🙂 she even gave me her wedding photo for a keepsake, thank you!

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