Acrylic 3D Embossed Salon Nail Art Workshop

Hello you allll ~

I attended another workshop by JNail about acrylic 3D embossed salon nail art 🙂 Dephanie (my fellow classmate at JNail) and I expressed our interest for this workshop and Teacher Jess was so nice to organise this course for us!! It was so nice to be back at JNail because I really like how good the ambience in her nail room is. Incredibly sweet and pretty with floral backgrounds and lovely set up etc!

Course kit for the day!! Comprising of ONS Monomer, ONS 1 tray acrylic coloured powder (8 colours), ONS white practice powder, acrylic brush, dampening dish with lid and brush wipes!

Omg the course kit was super appealing and worth the money I paid for the entire workshop!! The tray of acrylic coloured powders that I got was from ONS Baby Shower collection. There is a total of 6 trays with different themes of colours. This tray has more girly/fun colours and they’re all with subtle glitter. ❤ And the best part is that each tray is stackable! So great for saving space!


We started out by learning how to pick up ‘balls’ of acrylic powder of different sizes. We practiced that (sounds & looks easy but NO!) for two whole hours and we were going completely bonkers, hahaha!


Finally we were able to move on to do proper 3D embossed art on fake nail tips! We did a total of 3 different designs with 2 variations each! (ribbons, heart, roses) LOL as you can see… lots of failed attempts… Guess I need more practice!


By the time we were done for the day, lots of fake nail tips are flooding our entire practice area hahaha!


I am most satisfied with this ‘rose’ that I’ve done. LOL, it doesn’t look like a rose but it DOES look like a flower right???


Dephanie and me practising really hard during the workshop! Thanks to Teacher Jess for snapping this photo of us and uploading to her Facebook hehehe 😛

I’ve to say… this workshop was extremely challenging and not for the faint-hearted. Imagine smelling the monomer and focusing for about 6 hours!

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