Gel Mani: Pink Panther

Hehe I know panthers don’t have spots but Yvonne mentioned that it looks like Pink Panther which gave me any idea for today’s post title! (This is her aunt’s nails btw)


It’s been ages since I’ve done leopard prints and I glad to do it again! I know it may seem like a normal leopard print design but something’s different! I actually tried using gelish for the art! Gelish Take Action for the base colour with Angel.Pro No. 22 (a hot favourite, I must say!) and Gelish Black Shadow for the leopard! The art isn’t that precise as compared to using acrylic paint. Gelish definitely looks softer on the nails but acrylic paint is able to achieve a more higher definition look and it has more contrast! I didn’t really like how this came out though… guess I better stick with acrylic paint! šŸ˜›




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