Review: Polish Rings

Melissa contacted me 2 weeks back and asked me whether I’d love to review her handmade polish rings. (Of cause I agreed!) If you guys don’t know, polish rings were in the rage about 2 years ago when someone in the U.S. started this ‘trend’. I’m not so sure who started this innovative idea first because since then, lots of people in other countries started selling their polish rings too! I’ve always wanted one since 2 years ago but they were SUPER EXPENSIVE in the States! They were selling it about US$30 and above for a customised ring; with a polish colour of your choice! I remember lots of people ordered limited edition polishes to be made into a ring because firstly, they’re expensive, secondly; hard to find and thirdly; you get to wear it fashionably on yourself!

Its incredibly impossible to find any polish rings made in Singapore at that time and I’m glad Melissa set up her blogshop to share her passion for nail polish and accessories!


If you ask me whether I love the nail polish ring that I picked out, I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!!! ❤ I chose Cult Nails Clairvoyant for my ring because since I didn’t have that polish to admire, I could still able to wear it on my fingers! Look how dazzling it is!!!!!!! 😀 😀 I heard that Clairvoyant used to be called Unicorn Puke. I wish they stuck with the old name though, it seems much more funnier and wacky.



Remember to check out Melissa’s blogshop at:, each ring is S$12 or US$10.
She does her nail polish rings by collection based; for example; she has currently 2 collections ongoing; #1: Glitter, Flakies and Rainbow and #2 Love is in the Air. You can also customize your own ring, just let her know what polish colour you want and she does the rest of the magic! She makes the rings when you order them, so be sure to order in advance as you’ll have to wait for 2 days for the glue to set before she is able to mail them out 🙂 She also ships internationally!

P.S. Melissa actually sent a second ring to me because the first ring got damaged in transit despite the double bubble-wrap. I love how quick and efficient she is to handle such situation. The packaging of the ring definitely improved during the second mailing 🙂 thumbs up for great service!

Disclaimer: Products mentioned in this post was given to me for consideration. Please hop on to my disclosure tab for more information.


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