Gel Mani: Crystallised Hello Kitty

Abigail showed me this picture and wanted something exactly like this!
Image source from:

However, she wanted crystals to replace the polka dots and I also suggested having half-moons instead of French tips because her nails weren’t long enough for the Hello Kitty face!


I also suggested choosing pink as her base colour because I don’t have red acrylic powder and I think pink base matches better with pink ribbons! 😉 I used Gelish Waterfield and Gelish Make A Difference! Did the Hello Kitty art with Gelish colours namely: Gelish Black Shadow, Gelish Sheek White and ONS Tip Toe Thru The Tulips

Anyway, it’s my first time doing embossed ribbons on someone else!!!! Since she was my first customer doing this and I was still a noob in embossed; I didn’t charge her for the ribbons at all; just take it that I was practicing! I do still need lots of practice though!

Overall: Super cute nails! ❤




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