My Experience at Beauty Asia 2012

I wasn’t planning to go in depth about my haul purchases from Beauty Asia but I shall do it since there’s a few requests for this! 😀 Beauty Asia is a annual trade fair for professionals in this industry, we all had to register with our name cards! I heard about Beauty Asia last year but I didn’t manage to visit the fair because I wasn’t exactly a ‘professional’ then, I was only a nail polish addict; hahaha! But I was afraid that I might be turn down because I’ve heard a couple of my friends getting turned down because they didn’t register earlier so I did not want to risk going there and yet going back empty-handed, lol.

So I was pretty hyped up about this year’s Beauty Asia because I knew there were alot of discounts for lots of products! I went there on the first day with Ying and Felicia and registered on the spot and I was completely overwhelmed. There was so many booths selling products that I really wanted! Because I was on a tight budget then, I only brought $50 thinking that I might not spend as much but boy was I wrong!!


The above picture shows my haul from the first day:
– Buffers, $6 per pack
– IBD nail glue, $3 each
– Hexagon Glitters, $3 each
– Nail & Harmony Files and Buffer, total $6
– Super shining crystals, $4
– Nail Tek base coat set, $10
– Artistic Colour Gloss top coat, $16

I was mentally making wishlists in my mind because I wanted to buy so many things!! The Nail Tek base coat set was originally $12 but Ying arrived at the fair earlier and managed to get them at $10 per set (how sneaky are they to change the prices after merely a few hours!!) and she offered to sell me one of hers cuz she bought 6 sets, omg! Ying also sold me one of her ACG top coat since she bought 5 of them (she purchased 12 ACG polishes to get the cleanser free!)

Prices were really low for ALL products, let’s see whether I can remember most of them!

Misa, China Glaze polishes: $5/each
Orly: $6/each
Zoya: $7/each
Deborah Lippmann: $19/each
Gelish, Artistic Colour Gloss: $16/each (free pH bond if buy more than 6 bottles for gelish, free cleanser if buy more than 12 bottles of ACG)

When I reached home that night, I was sure that I am going back to the fair to get more items because I really couldn’t pass up those discounts! True enough, I went back to the fair on the last day with my Dad (since we both ended our exam for that day at the same time).


2nd haul:
– ONS monomer, $90
– ONS acrylic powder, 2 for $100
– Gelish colours, $16 each + free pH bond
– Gelish structure gel, $15
– Super shining crystals (I got it in a different design), $4
– Massage lotion, $5
– Poshe top coat, $6 each
– Big nail clipper, $1.80

Guess I went kinda overboard on the last day cuz some prices of the products did drop significantly as most of them are trying to clear their stock. The Gelish structure gel cost only $15 that day instead of $18 (I inquired about the price on the first day) and Gelish polishes are $15/each instead of $16/each! However, there is no free pH bond if you’re paying $15/each. I figured I can save more if I pay $16/each because of the free pH bond! 🙂

My best buy was products from ONS. If you’ve heard of ONS, it is really expensive! I met my ONS teacher there, Jess! I wanted to get red and black acrylic powders and she recommended me the primary collection which has 8 basic colours of acrylic powder! (I originally wanted to get the ONS tray of 8 colours which I got from the nail workshop but those collections did not have red or black acrylic powder. Usual price was $184.40 for the tray of 8 colours and it was going for $82 at the fair, awesome deal!) The offer that day was 2 boxes of acrylic powder at $100 so I got another autumn collection! The usual price for one box was probably close to a $100 so I’m glad I saved alot! From the nail course that I took from ONS, I was only given a 114ml of monomer and I am already halfway through that from practicing so I decided to get a huge bottle of monomer, 450ml. The original price of the 450ml monomer is about $130+, I think!

Yep so that sums up my haul from Beauty Asia! Definitely going back next year to grab more goodies!! 😀

*Got spotted by a fellow reader there, thank you for coming up and talk to me, I was really glad! 🙂


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