Gel Mani: Subtle Marbling

Hehe Mum finally succumbed to do soft gel on her nails!! Took me 3 months to convince her ever since I got my own gelish kit, lol! My mum was super worried about the removal process and she was whining about my new 6G LED lamp for being too ‘hot’ hahaha!! But she got used to the heat afterwards!


She wanted something really plain so I suggested marbling! I used Gelish Take Action and Gelish Sheek White and added crystals for her! Super simple because she doesn’t really like loud nail art.



P.S. The reason why my mum’s pointy finger wasn’t painted is because her nail broke and the cut was pretty deep. I didn’t want the gelish chemicals to touch her wound as it might result in adverse reactions or it might be very painful. Mum put a plaster over the finger once I was done with her nails!

This post is supposed to be scheduled during CNY period since this is my mum’s CNY nails but somehow it got ‘lost’ among all my draft posts so it’s kinda outdated already… Lol


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