Gel Mani: Feminine Half-moons

Pei Shan came with Shanice to get their nails done! (will post up Shanice’s mani next!)

They both had a slight difficulty in choosing their nail designs and ended up telling me to do whatever I want to suit them! So after asking what they like or dislike, here’s the final outcome!


Did half-moons for her to make her nails look even longer. She doesn’t have free edge at all, her nail bed is really beautiful; slender and long! Gelish Vegas Nights for the base and alternating Gelish Sheek White and Gelish Less Talk!

She initially wanted her look to be simple, without any 3D art but Shanice and I suggested doing it to make her nails look even cuter! So we settled on white acrylic ribbons on pink base and vice versa! Also added polka dots to the other nails ^^

Super sweet set!



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