Gel Mani: Kitty on Roses

Michelle wanted the Hello Kitty design that I did for Abigail a month back, and a couple of other ones that I did; florals and ribbons! However, we only decided on 2 complex designs and a simple one (polka dots) so the entire set would not be too overwhelming!


TADAH! I think my floral design seems to be the popular one among the ladies πŸ™‚

This time, the Hello Kitty is on the tips instead of half-moon as before as Michelle’s free edge is ample enough for the design!

Colours used: Gelish Sheek White, Gelish Make A Difference, Gelish Take Action, Gelish Black Shadow and ONS Tiptoe Thru The Tulips, only the Hello Kitty design and polka dots are done with gel, the flowers are acrylic paint!



I love it, it’s so feminine!


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