Types of Customers

Since I’ve been offering my services at my home-based salon for 6 months now; I’ve decided to come clean about some customers’ actions that simply puts me off. Apart from those categories of customers listed by Ying; I’ve came across obnoxious people who fits all the categories mentioned below and in Ying’s post.

1. Ignorant customer Fails to read details of the pricing of my services and also my availability and chose a suitable time slot for herself (e.g. Stated clearly that I am only available from 10am to 5pm but yet she asked for my availability at 9am)

2. Never-ending questioner Asks me about availability on a particular date when I am not free. And then asks again the next week; and the following week! Kindly check my blog for slots first then contact me for availability, I simply do not have the time to reply to interested parties about my available slots.

3. Irresponsible customer Cancelled her appointment an hour before her scheduled time slot. Now now now… where’s your courtesy?! I woke up early for your appointment and yet you casually cancelled it in an SMS. So to rectify this problem, all customers (except my regulars) will be prompted to pay a $10 deposit to confirm your slots. No deposit, no confirmation; as simple as that.

4. Inefficient/Selfish customer Asks you about availability and pricing and when you revert back to her immediately, she stops replying and then starts to ask you about the same thing again the following week. I reply to smses almost immediately; if not under 3 hours so I don’t see why I have to wait and wait and wait for customers to confirm their slots when others are probably interested in your slot too. I do send multiple SMS to customers (if there isn’t any replies) if I do not get a confirmation and sometimes I don’t even get a reply until a few days later. (Seriously? You don’t check your phone for days??)

I’m sorry that this post is filled with so much angst but I think I deserve to rant. I’ve met 2 customers who complied to 3/4 of the bad habits I’ve listed and that’s so horrible! Customers should also have some respect to us by complying to our terms and conditions so as to make the service much more enjoyable! (E.g. I’ll be happy that you arrive on time and end on time etc) No doubt that I am just operating a home-salon, but every customer means alot to me as one cancelled appointment means a substantial loss of income.

So therefore, I urge all new customers to kindly read through my terms and conditions, my availability of slots and my service menu before contacting me for any queries or bookings of slots, thank you 🙂

Also; a shoutout to my regulars: THANK YOU so much for your continuous support to Mental For Polish; I will be having a promo just for you in May/June so stay tuned! 😀


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