Yet Another Self-Study: Paddle Pop Nails!

Had another self-study session on Tuesday with Vicky as my nail model!


Her nails are so beautiful!! Long nail bed and nails 🙂 practiced polishing for my exam first; French and a red polish! French is still a disaster to me… should have made the tips thicker!

Afterwards, I removed it and did a brand new set of nail art for her! I forgot to bring alot of things yesterday so this nail art is lacking 😦


My classmates says this set looks like lollipop/paddle pop! The base is China Glaze Shooting Stars, with OPI Shorts Story and OPI Alpine Snow for the lollipop colours! I then embellished it with crystals! I could have done better by lining the colours with a silver glitter liner but my resources are very limited in school 😦




I’m so worried and nervous for my pedicure exam tomorrow, yikes! Hopefully I’m able to remember all the steps correctly and paint French well!


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