Chanel-Kitty Workshop!

I attended the Chanel-Kitty workshop held at my nail school, The PinkRoom International Nail Academy last Monday! I signed up last month, since seats were really limited and naturally; I was looking forward to the course!

Its been 2 months since I’ve started my diploma course and so far, I’ve not touched any acrylic modules yet. However, as I had a little experience dealing with acrylic in my ONS workshop earlier this year; I decided to go ahead with attending this workshop as a learning experience!


Was told to purchase either Angel Pro or Charisma powders to attend this workshop and so I did! There was a further 10% even with student discount! ^^ I bought the Sunshine rainbow series, love the colours!


My messy workspace! Rachel, our principal was teaching the workshop and she provided with lots of neat tips and tricks! First she demo-ed, before we do some hands-on! There wasn’t much time for much hands on practice though, I wished the workshop duration was longer!


Pics below shows Principal Rachel’s work! They’re fabulous!! There are more designs but unfortunately I didn’t manage to take pics of it 😦 Oh and I realised Rachel uses those hooks to put her nail tips which I think its an innovative idea!!!!



Lol… and the below picture shows my end result! Well, please don’t judge me as yet!! I only like my Hello Kitty face hahahaha, its body is too long and the sleeves are way too big! XD

All in all, I had fun!!!! I’m looking forward to new workshops in the coming months 🙂


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