Part 1: Nail Art Lesson!

Finally… a new module!!!! Advancing into NA1! These are my art works after 6 hours last Saturday… What’s missing is the zebra and leopard print ones which I’ve forgotten to take pictures of!

Omg and another assignment to complete for this module as well! Luckily it isn’t too difficult; just 10 tips with nail art 😀

I really liked how my checkered, cherries and ribbon design looked but I’m going to redo them for my assignment!



Oh… a demoralising thing happened the following morning! I bought 5 new Angel Pro gel polishes from my school and kept them in my bag when I got home. In the middle of the night, my bag dropped from the table (guess it was too heavy!) and one of my favourite pinks that I got broke…

Ah, I do remember my bag dropping during the night but I was too tired to care! I wish I did though, then I could possibly save that bottle by pouring the remains into another bottle. But it was too late in the morning when I found out! Only about 10% was left in the bottle, the rest got into the box in came with and smeared my other polishes too! >;:(


Guess I need to be careful next time :/ Another good reason to buy more polishes ^^


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