Gel Mani: Lilac Lace

Another one of my favorite gelish manicures ever!!!! 😀 kept it on for nearly 2 weeks and I was so reluctant to remove it a few days ago! I had to remove it because my thumb nail broke pretty badly 😦


Used Angel Pro 26 for the pretty teal colour and Angel Pro 5, a pale lilac for the lace design and dots! My base colour was Gelish Desert Sands!

Added a mini bow charm and crystals to piece everything together!

Btw, lots of people commented that the lace looked like stickers!!!! 😀 even Teacher Nicole was surprised that it was hand drawn!


2 thoughts on “Gel Mani: Lilac Lace

  1. Hi!
    do you have any tips for whitening of nails?
    my nails are on the yellowish side now 😦
    and I want to wear polish still. lol

    • Hi! Sorry as I now use gel, my nails aren’t yellow anymore; maybe u can try gel nails next time! I’ve only heard of some methods online but I’ve not tried it, some say soak ur nails in lime/lemon juice or put toothpaste on your nails!

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