Preparation for Exam!

A little update: my manicure exam is next weekend!!!! I’m almost done with my homework and I’m pretty satisfied about it. Once I get it completed; I’ll do a post about it ^^

Oh and more pics of the manicure: , taken from Ann’s blog! She does very awesome flower corsages and bouquets; take a look!

Anyway, about a week ago, I sought for help in nail models for the exam day and lovely Ann volunteered to be mine, yay! As usual, I practiced on french and red nails that is required for the exam during a self-practice session last Thursday!

Sigh, my light pink polish is still so streaky!!! 😦




Ann did something that made me squealed from my heart! She made me a personalised goodie bag from my blog banner and she filled it with lots of edible goodness! She is so kind and thoughtful, she was actually afraid that I might scold her for using my blog banner w/o my permission, silly!! πŸ˜€

And then she said let’s pose with the bag then I do not have to watermark them, lol!!!

Ann also told me she wanted China Glaze For Audrey to be the french tip with a red base and initially I find it unmatching! After doing the entire manicure, I realised its a good combination! Ann has good taste! Also, she even brought her own gold glitter striper for me to use πŸ™‚







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