Extensions Kit!

I couldn’t make it for extension theory class tomorrow because I decided to stay home and study for my major tests on Monday!

Haha I got very excited at the thought of receiving my student kit that I went to PinkRoom to get mine today instead of waiting till next week!

Low and behold… There’s so many items in the kit, yippee! It’s like ‘free’ stuff but technically it isn’t, lol!

1. AngelPro Clear, 1oz
2. AngelPro Pink, 1oz
3. AngelPro White, 1oz
4. Design Brush size #10
5. Dappening Dish
6. 50 Clear Full Tips
7. 20 White Extension Tips
8. 20 Clear Extension Tips
9. 20 Natural Extension Tips
10. AngelPro Liquid Monomer, 120ml
11. AngelPro 100/100 File
12. AngelPro 150/150 File
13. AngelPro 180/180 File
14. AngelPro Foam Buffer 180/180
15. AngelPro Shiner
16. 100 AngelPro Nail Forms
17. Charisma Dehydrator
18. AngelPro Nail Primer
19. Nail Glue
20. Lint Free Wipes
21. Wiping Paper
22. Masks

And… I’ve completed all my manicure and nail art homework! Phew! Pics next week alright?

Goodnight! 🙂


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