Nail Art 1 Part Two: 5-petal Flower

Last week’s lesson was taught by Teacher Nicole and Teacher Joe! We had to practice the 5-petal flower on a piece of paper first, with acrylic paint! Each petal must be at 72 degrees apart, which adds up to a full 360 degrees for a even flower! My eyes were slightly crossed after practicing on paper.


My first two attempts on the nail tips above! Picture below shows the teacher’s work, look at the petals! So accurate and they look so similar!


And then we were taught how to do a three-tone 5 petal flower; just by mixing a lighter and darker colours for the contrast! Notice how teacher’s petals are slightly smaller so I made mine smaller this time as well!



I like how mine looks! I doubt I can ever master this perfectly because  I think no one wants to do this kind of art on their nails! But, this is a good practice! As what Teacher Joe says, if you can copy/paint 5 exact petals; you can copy/paint just about anything! Excellent quote!

And this sums up the completion of NA1!!! Yay, I’m moving on to acrylic extensions next and then back to NA2!


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