Best Nail Lacquer… from Mei Mei’s Signatures!

Did you know that Best Nail Lacquer is from the same company as Poshe? I had no idea until I did a little bit of research! No wonder the bottles and brushes are so similar!

Anyway, Mei Mei’s Signatures was kind enough to send me a bottle for review since I did not own any of Best Nail Lacquer! What I have with me is Bazzoka!


Bazzoka is a bright florescent pink with hidden blue shimmer, so gorgeous! Sorry, my camera freaked out and the colour isn’t as true as pictured! It isn’t so purplish, its more of a true neon pink!

I really like the brush, it isn’t so skinny like China Glaze’s nor too wide like OPI’s, its right smacked in the middle which I think its great for most of our nails! Formula was a breeze though, I usually have problems with applying brights but this one was fuss-free! Also, it will self-level after 2 coats!



Are you interested in purchasing Best Nail Lacquer in Singapore? Go to for a wide range of brands and choices! Not only does she brings in Poshe products, she has A-England, Blaze, Barielle, Cult Nails, Nfu Oh, Ozotic, Glitter Gal etc etc just to name a few of the rare brands in SG! For my international readers: Not to worry she offers affordable international shipping as well!

P.S. Btw, did anyone miss my swatch posts? I AM BACKKKK now since I will be doing polish on myself as I’d be attending extension classes from now onwards and I can’t do gelish on myself anymore! 😉 I still remember some of your requests, I will do them soon! 🙂


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