Final Lap!

Thursday night was a day that I did Ann’s nails twice, by twice I meant the entire examination process! The first time I tried I wasn’t able to make it on time because I spent too much time on the removal of red nails. The second time I was able to finish with 7 minutes to spare, yay! Hopefully I will be able to manage my time well for my exam this Sunday!

And today’s feature is Ann, my exam model on that day! I really want to thank her for giving me her time for me to practice!



She made me more personalized papaer bags in different sizes!!!!! So sweet!


Also, I ordered a corsage for her and mentioned that I wanted it in purple and blings if possible and she made a personalized nail tip with my initial on it! She even blinged it OMGGGGGG SO PRETTY! Wanted a corsage to spice up my apron but decided that it looked better with my floral storage unit (bought it on the same day!) and TA-DAH!

Anyway the ‘holder’ is actually made from cardboard and I just wrapped it with floral cloth to store my files as a temporary measure since I don’t have any smaller holders at home… It doesn’t even have a base, lol!


Wish me good luck! ^^


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