Manicure and NA1 Homework!

It’s been more than a week since my manicure exam, how time flies! I almost didn’t have time to finish :/

Anyway, so here’s how the assignment goes… We had to complete two assignments for the requirements of the exams; they’re 10% weightage each!

The first one is filing and painting the 50 tips in either French or red. I actually did the filing in weeks and did the painting in 6 hours! Also, we are not allowed to use any top coat and we need to have a cuticle line. Actually I’m glad I managed to finish this pretty early, I don’t really like doing it last minute!


The second assignment will be attending to 10 customers and then do a nail art tip! That was pretty easy, managed to gather some of my friends, relatives and loyal customers for their help!

*Had to erase details of my ‘customers’ for security reasons!




The next homework was the NA1 which was given to us about 3 weeks ago! I managed to complete it in a week because I wanted to pass it up together with my manicure assignments! I think I like nail art assignments better, it’s much more enjoyable to do them! ^^

Yep so this sums up my 2 modules at my nail school: Mani/Pedi and NA1! Yay!


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