Pedicure at Johor Bahru!

Went to Johor Bahru (a state in Malaysia) for a day’s out with my boyfriend! My main sore reason for going to JB was to do a pedicure since it is quite expensive in Singapore! (It sucks that I can’t do my toes as well as I do for my own hands… can’t even polish perfectly!) The salon I went to was De Unique Nail Culture located at Tebrau City Shopping Centre! It was the only salon in the entire mall though but I was psyched to try it out cuz all the manicurists were trained by Odessey Nail Systems! Generally, I had pretty high expectations of how my pedicure will look like!

Love the interior decoration of the place, super comfy chairs and their workspace is always neat! Their water basin is actually hidden underneath the chairs, like pulling out a drawer! I am definitely keeping this in mind when setting up a home-based nail salon in my own house next time! 😀 Also, not much pipes or wires are in sight at all, their concept is kinda like ‘hidden’, even a UV lamp is kept below the tables but at customers’ own reach!



Love the manicurists’ uniforms btw, it had the ONS logo sewn on at the side of the sleeves and their salon name at the back! Cute OPI aprons as well!


I am also deeply surprised at this gesture… No doubt that they do this for all customers but isn’t this sweet? I had some sweet tea and cookies ^^


Chose one of the premium colours from Nfu-Oh polishes since I don’t own any 😦 Total cost was only RM54; about $22+ still way cheaper than Singapore! (Whatsmore there is no charge on quick-dry top coat)


Ok will definitely be back at this place for my pedicures! Yay!!


4 thoughts on “Pedicure at Johor Bahru!

  1. I’m a loyal patron of de unique as well. Love their professionalism and they are always up to date on designs and products. Have you checked out their concept salon for nail & make up? Retro interiors and very comfy too!

    • Hmm not really! Is it located in the same shopping mall? Yep I love their services cus they’re educated by ONS so I know I’ll be in good hands! 🙂

      • Oh I’ve heard of that academy before! Unfortunately I didn’t have time to visit their nail academy but the courses offered there is somewhat similar to the one that I’m taking in ONS as its from the same education center!

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