Mini Nail Art Deco Course: Desserts & Ribbons

Went splurging by attending another acrylic art nail workshop by Odessey Nail Systems! I love these kind of workshops, instructors tend to give little tricks that wasn’t taught in textbooks! That day was my first lesson, a total of 4 lessons for this workshop!

Heh I finally bought a waterproof apron for home use!!!!! I feel like I don’t look that professional at home, since I’m always decked in my comfort wear but an apron makes me look fabulous!!!


The course kit is as follows:

2x ONS The One Color Acrylic Collections (Was supposed to get the Baby Shower collection but since I’ve already had it in January when I attended the Salon 3D Nail Art Training, they were so nice to replace it with another set of my choice!)

1x Pack of Deco Materials (nail lace stickers, nail foils, assortment of gems and charms, Nfu Oh shells, acrylic flowers and nail tips)




Here’s Teacher Erica’s work… so pretty; almost feel like they’re real!


And then here’s mine… Felt like I did improve in my acrylic art skills somehow, yay! Happy with how these look as they’re my first few attempts at something new! I actually love doing the ice cream ‘flavours’, the syrup and the toppings!!!! Hahahaha its like seeing food made infront of my eyes!


For the next part of the lesson was a tricky and difficult one… doing a 3D handmade ribbon! (or do you call this 4D?) Again… here’s Teacher Erica’s perfect samples!


Mine turned out looking like starfishes…. :O It’s ugly that I teared laughing at my work! Need more practice!!!! My product was too hard, hence inflexible and I couldn’t really stick it on to a nail tip… Need to get a perfect 1:1 ratio for monomer and acetone for this to work!


Ah, had fun for my first lesson!!!!! 😀 Looking forward to the next!


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