Form Fitting + Acrylic Scrulpture

Haven’t been updating my lessons at PinkRoom lately… so here ya go!

Form fitting is so taxing and it’s pretty hard to get the grasp of it but I am going to practice more!!!!


See how many forms we (Roselind and me) have wasted because we couldn’t get it right! I think I might run out of forms soon at the rate of practicing as we only got 100 forms in our student kit! But it’s okay, awesome Kim from LadeeKim brought back lots of nail loots including nail forms from Taiwan back for me! Yay! Forms are definitely more cheaper there hehe


Okay, finally form fitting is done! I think the hardest part to fit form is actually fitting it correctly according to one’s own hyponichium :/


Next we’ll do the actual acrylic sculpture on our nails! I actually got pretty excited cus this was my virgin extension experience, lol! Mine got overflowed abit at the side when I wasn’t paying attention 😦


Removed the form once your structure is done!


Buff and shine!


View from side angle… mine doesn’t have a nice arch at all, FAIL!


Had the time to practice on another nail but I filed both nails oval because I overfiled and it became slanted, LOL! (We didn’t attend the filing lesson yet as this was our makeup lesson!)


Reached home and slapped some polish on because I wanna know how it will look like! I think I might love extensions once I get the hang of it! This means I can do more nail art etc 😀 Believe me, my nails were like this for about 3 days until I removed them hahaha!

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