Gel Mani: Springtime Pastels

Lin opted for a spa gelish manicure before her work trip to Germany!(pssst… only additional $15 and you get to enjoy Ecrinal Durcisseur Vitamine, Aloe Vera Nail Mask, Cuccio scrub, Adina Vanilla & Rose mask!)


Lin knew what she wanted, she wanted polka dots, lace and florals; all in one! So there’s three designs in total, a double-half moon with polka dots and florals, a floral design, a half-moon with lace and florals! It may look like there’s too much going on but we kept to base colours to the minimum so that it doesn’t look that ‘chaotic’!

Love AngelPro gelly colours… they have the most amazing pastels! This entire manicure was used with their colours! Yes, including all the floral art! I used AngelPro 5 and AngelPro 13 for the bases and #10, #22, #47 and #29 for the rest of the art! This is actually my first time doing floral art in gel colours and I love the result!

The ending touch was using a silver striper to line all the half-moons!





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