Mini Nail Art Deco Course: Precious Moments!

2nd lesson for my workshop in June!!! I’m always looking forward for acrylic lessons, they’re so fun because you get to see miniature ‘things’ get made right infront of your eyes! 😀

Omg… Teacher Erica’s samples are so detailed!!!!!! Gosh I think it might take me an entire day to make these!


Thank goodness I’m only learning the head part today! Here’s the samples for the girl version and the boys! Precious Moments face shapes are actually the same for both sex, just have to change the hairstyles abit to differentiate!



Bwahahaha, here’s my first attempt at the boy version… I even get to add ‘highlights’ to their hair! Love such attention to details!


I think I got better at the end of class because my girl version looks much better as compared to the last two tries! Looking forward to my next class… I do have a secret wish that I could have acrylic workshops every week!!



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