Mini Nail Art Deco Course: Forever Friends & Hello Kitty!

3rd acrylic lesson and once again showing you Teacher Erica’s nearly perfect samples! I really like how I can ask questions freely to clarify my doubts as this was a 1-to-1 workshop! Guess I love all the attention hahaha!

Seemingly calm Forever Friends bear! I’m not even sure what’s the name of this bear lol, I only know it’s super expensive to purchase it in stores!


Focused on Hello Kitty next for 1.5 hours! I’m surprised at how easy it is to do the Kitty’s head shape now compared to before! Grasping the technique for picking balls and molding it really is key! Heh, the sample below are obviously Teacher’s Erica’s!


And here’s my result after 3 hours of hard work! Yay, my kitty finally looks like a Hello Kitty!!!! 😀 The first bear is obviously Teacher Erica’s work, I still need to work on it!


Have a great day everyone!

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