Tutorial on AngelPro Gelly Polish: Candy Drips!

Hello everyone, today is a big bonus post! I’ll be showing you a step-by-step tutorial using the AngelPro Gelly system on my nail model, Amelia! 🙂 She helped me take all the photos required for this tutorial, thanks Amelia! 😀

I’ve been using AngelPro Gelly system since January 2012, and I believe I was the first few to plunged in and bought a few colours from this brand to try it out after looking at the mouth-watering swatches online! I mean who cannot resist such colours?! Take a look:


AngelPro has a wide range of gel colours, mainly gorgeous pastels, nudes, pinks and a crazy lime green that I love! Lots of my customers choose their colours from AngelPro, mainly because such colours are not seen elsewhere! Unlike other brands, AngelPro has created a good mix of pastels and sweet colours that the majority of the ladies love! Now… I would love them more if they created chunky glitters!!!! ^^

So here’s what I love about the AngelPro Gelly:

A. Their colour palette is G-O-R-G-E-O-U-S, agree?
B. There is no need to apply a dehydrator before applying the base coat. This saves you the money!
C. You do not have to offshine your nails greatly(unlike extensions), you just have to lightly buff with AngelPro buffer.
D. It is 100% gel, this means that the gel does not contain any solvents which are usually found in gel polishes. Thus, you can use AngelPro Gelly for nail art, without worrying about shadow/unclear lines!
E. AngelPro Gelly does not contain Formaldehyde, Toluene or DBP that is usually found in nail polishes, therefore it is very safe to use!
F: Their colours does not fade at all, so even after 3-4 weeks; the colour is the same as Day 1! Harmony Gelish’s pinks have a tendency to fade after a few days and Princess Tiara also fades from a muddy purple to a pale grey, eek! I own these colours and I testify that these colours do fade, and they fade as fast as 2-3 days!
G. There is no need to file off AngelPro Shine before the soak off procedure = saves time!

Enough with my rambling, let’s move on to the nail art tutorial!! (Ignore my bare nails D:)

1. Prep your nails, push back your cuticles and trim off any hangnails.

2. Use AngelPro buffer to lightly buff the surface of your nails so that the gel will adhere better. There is a difference between using AngelPro base coats and other brands, other brands need to use a rougher grit to offshine the nail plate for adhesion purposes and in the long run, this may damage your nails! Also, as mentioned earlier; there is no need to apply pH bond/dehydrator so this goes to show how adhesive the base coat is!


3. Clean nail surface thoroughly with pure acetone with a lint free wipe to remove any dust. (Tip: This is so that you don’t get the ‘wooly’ stuff from the cotton pad/ball into your nail bed as this might get caught into your gel base or colours)


4. Apply a thin coat of AngelPro Gelly Base .


5. Cure in an LED light for 10-30 seconds for base coat, 2 minutes for UV light.


6. Now we will begin with our nail art! (Tip: I always use a disposable waxed paper [I’m not sure what to call this… chicken rice paper? I usually use my nail forms backings.] to put on my gel paints so that I don’t have to wash my palette every time!) Today, we will be using AngelPro #5, #22 #23, #28 and #39 for the art! Pretty yummy colours right?


7. Start by using a nail art brush to draw the outlines of the dripping effect.


8. Next, fill them up with the colours from AngelPro Gelly for an even coat! (Tip: Do remember to cover up any free edge of the nail, it’s like French tip design incorporated with the dripping effect!) Cure for 30 seconds in LED light, 2 minutes in UV light.


9. Repeat the same design with different colours for each nail! Remember to go over a second coat to get optimal coverage!

10. Apply AngelPro Gelly Shine for beautiful shine!


11. We’re almost done… Use a cleanser and a lint free wipe to remove any stickiness from the AngelPro Gelly Shine!


12. Apply cuticle oil to moisturize cuticles and hyponychium (it is the skin below your nails)


TADAHHHHH… And this is the end result! Yummy looking candy nails! I personally love the red ones on Amelia’s thumbs, heh it looks gory and cute at the same time!






I hope the tutorial was helpful! 😉

If you want to get your hands on AngelPro Gelly polishes, do come down to my nail school this week at:

Pink Room International Nail Academy
10 Anson Road
#15-06 International Plaza
Singapore 079903

Contact: +65 63481592/ +65 62201592

The reason why I said to go purchase the polishes this week is because my nail school is shifting to a new place this Sunday (16th September 2012) to Chinatown and they are having a moving-off sale for items from Angel Pro! Also, if you’re interested to know more about AngelPro Gelly, you can join their upcoming professional workshop this Saturday, 15th September 2012 from 12pm to 6pm! Kit and materials are included in the workshop and it is opened to ALL, whether you are a novice or a trained professional.

*P.S. I will update this post once I know the full address of Pink Room’s new location! 😀


My nail school will be shifting from its current premises on October 7, so there’s still 2-3 weeks for you to purchase their products at cheaper prices! 😀


8 thoughts on “Tutorial on AngelPro Gelly Polish: Candy Drips!

  1. how do you succesfully remove angel pro gelly polish? I’ve used it quite a few times and i love everything about it but when i remove it (i soak in pure acetone for 10 – 15 minutes) it allways seems that my basecoat stays stuck on my nails, doens’t matter how long i soak or if i soak extra afterwards, it won’t budge, ican only file it of. so it removes my topcoat and colour but not the basecoat? i hope you can understand what i’m saying XD i’m no trained or certified nail technician and i only do this on my own nails at home and because we don’t have such specified courses in Belgium i ‘taught’ myself online but i can’t find an answer to my removal issues :3 i hope you don’t mind answering this 🙂

    • Base coat normally doesn’t remove completely because it is supposed to protect the nails even after you soak off your existing colour. But for me I have no issues in removing the gel colour entirely as I scrap off clean with a wooden stick and then lightly buff the nails. Hope that helps!

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