Gel Mani: Egg Shells

Shermagne is one of my customers that I look forward in serving every session!!! She loves Kpop like I do and we have endless amount of stuff to talk about! Haha, I feel like we’re close friends already! And not only do we have kpop in common, I think our interests are very similar 😉


She showed me a design from tumblr which had this triangular shaped scallop trims and wanted that in different colours! I picked out the colours for her and this is the result! All done using Angel Pro #3, #26 and #29 except the background colour which is Gelish Waterfield!

Love this design so much because the colours go incredibly well together and this reminds me of Togepi (from Pokemon, lol!) and thus the title of this post!

Shermagne was practically praising with delight as I did layer by a layer. I did a total of 6 layers of base colours (1 glitter coat + 2 coats of teal + 3 coats of beige) and 2 layers of the black outline.





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